Posted on 03-03-2008
By Casey

Dear HYIPers,

As of today, I have officially moved away from HYIP. Well, unofficially it was a few months ago, when e-Gold STOLE my money and I believe they will never return the money back to me. 

e-Gold have confiscated or rather STOLE my money because the government has ‘confiscated’ theirs. Since my last entry on my blog, that was what has happened to e-Gold and myself.

In order to revamp and move on with life, I have started a new journey. A journey into Forex, more specifically trading Forex Expert Advisor.

I have started a new site since August 2008, which is about the time that my documents in e-Gold was rejected and service denied to me.

It was not until December 2008 that I have lost all hope that e-Gold will try to regain their credibility and rebuild their brand and also give back the money they STOLE to ME.

It’s sad really. But there is no point in kicking and screaming. I am a believer of cause and effect. And whatever will befall e-Gold, good or bad will take it’s course.

After 2 years plus since 2006, I have been toying with HYIP. I knew very well, that HYIP was a scam, ponzi/pyramid scheme, MLM, network kind of industry. I went into this industry with my eyes wide open knowing the posilibity that I could lose money here.

My objective was trying to beat the game and at the same time make money out of it. Sad to say, bad news after bad news keeps piling up with so many programs that has very good marketing, but I just fell short of making money everytime.

Well, I did make some money here and there, but my net was always at a lose. I am not a person who stop at ever failure, and will continue this game to try and win the game. But my game plan does really very much depend on e-Gold.

And now with e-Gold also at the brink of death or is already dead. I believe it is time to put this journey of my escapade into my history book and look forward to the future and start another journey.

I have moved all or most of my articles of this site to a wordpress format here. It’s purely articles, all links are dead and images are gone. Some of my entries has been rewritten to other sites mainly two the categories of Forex and Casino.

I have moved these articles to a more appropreate site, and

I have been putting more effort, time and money on the Forex site rather than the Casino site and it seems to be paying off. So I do hope that my new journey into forex will prove to be a happy chapter.

If you are thinking of HYIP to make money then forget it. It is not worth the money your effort and time. But if you are into HYIP for fun, then by all means. Have fun with it. Be sure not to let your emotion hit the ceiling if your money is being stolen from you.

That is part of the realm of HYIP. Be sure to lost money you can afford to lose. That is the first rule they teach you.

I mean this is a kinda ironic isn’t it? Trying to make money from HYIP but yet they advice you to be prepared to lose money you can afford to lose.

If you don’t have it in your to toy around with HYIP, then I would suggest you pop over to my site

There is a forex EA which I am making money from. All my performances are documented. So you can be sure of the results. It’s great because I am in total control of my own money.

Oh… and the best thing is that, you may not need to spend a lot of money, because I will be putting this great EA on my download site. (At the time of writing this entry, I have yet to do so)

Anyway, coming back to my closing.

It has been a great and interesting journey. A few things I really learn through this journey is:
1. How to smell a scam
2. How to be sceptical
3. How to be optimistic
4. Most importantly… how to stop losing money…

Good luck to those who are still or are wanting to make money from HYIP.

If you want to make money in forex while have time for yourself then you should start exploring forex expert advisor or forex trading robot. It is a safer bet… Why? Well, you can read my article 'Forex EA the New Dawn of HYIP'

If you are interested, pop by my site at and start your journey there.

If not, happy HYIP-ing…

To your success in making money

P.S. I might update some pages, or add a post or two to include or share some downloads of certain tools and information, ebook that I have in my hard-drive...